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Chiropractor Brisbane

Are you looking for a chiropractor in Brisbane?

Chiropractors Brandon Ngo and Peter McIntyre offer services including:

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Manual Chiropractic Manipulations/Adjustments

Therapeutic Activity Training

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This is an important decision, with your health and well-being at stake.  And we understand that choosing a chiropractor Brisbane, Toowong, Taringa, Indooroopilly and in nearby suburbs, can be a tough decision. It is difficult if you haven’t visited a Brisbane chiropractic clinic before.  And especially so, when you don’t know what type of practitioner will be suitable for your needs.  So we want to make this decision as simple as possible, and as painless as possible!  In fact everything we do is about making life painless.  Let us show you how Peter McIntyre and Brandon Ngo are the right choice for pain free and gentle Chiropractic  services in Brisbane. We are located at the Taringa Chriopractic Centre, on Moggill Road, convenient to both Toowong and Indooroopilly.

When only the best will do

At Taringa Chiropractic Centre, Peter McIntyre and Brandon Ngo focus on a plan for pain free living for our clients.  We aim to help people escape from pain, and get back to an enjoyable lifestyle.  And we aim to achieve that goal by providing the best chiropractor Brisbane has available.  At the same time, we conduct a thoroughly professional chiropractic service, in a stress free and relaxed environment for our clients and practitioners.

A Brisbane Chiropractor – Perfect for Busy Professionals

If you lead a busy lifestyle, or you keep soldiering on no matter what ails you, then we encourage you to try something new.  We encourage you to try to find some time to look after you.  Here at the Taringa Chiropractic Centre, we are here to help get you back to 100%.  We understand how frustrating it can be to try to keep going, despite pain, injury, or just ongoing discomfort.  Life is not a race!  There is no need to continue to push through the pain barrier.  Book your chiropractor Brisbane appointment online now, and let us assist you back to a 100% healthy you.

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How Chiropractic Works

As a recognised medical health service, the chiropractic profession is more than 100 years old.  But there is no doubt that chiropractic services have been conducted much longer than that.  Over such a long period of time, the Chiropractic profession has risen from a little known practice, into a mainstream health care service.  And the reason for the rise to prominence is quite simply the amazing results that can be achieved for sufferers.  All around the world, people benefit from chiropractic services every day.  And remember, chiropractic services are surgery free, pain free, fast and make a real difference to your life.

Your health and well-being is our No 1 priority

Here at our Chiropractor Brisbane practice, we have successfully treated a whole range of health problems.  We have a simple common sense approach to health services.  We believe in achieving a better quality of life for our clients, rather than just treating individual symptoms.  So our health outcomes are based around that one simple philosophy – to help you get back to 100% health.

Chiropractic services based on a simple philosophy

Our basis for providing chiropractic services is based on a few simple principles:

  1. We believe that being healthy is the obvious choice for everyone
  2. We need a healthy mind as well as a healthy body and we need these essential elements to lead a quality lifestyle
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  3. Physical and emotional stress can unbalance our natural state of health
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  4. Muscular and skeletal ailments are just one aspect of the health picture
  5. Skeletal unbalance can be due to muscular unbalance
  6. Muscular unbalance can be caused by mental stress
  7. Mental stress or unbalance can affect many of the physical issues in our body
  8. We can correct physical ailments quickly and easily, but stress can take longer to correct
  9. Physical ailments may take several visits with a chiropractor to overcome
  10. Long term health care is vital for long term health success

Let us help you to develop a health care plan using our health care philosophy to get you on a path to 100 % health.  Book to see Peter or Brandon today.

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How can chiropractic services heal?

Our chiropractic services offer relief from muscle soreness and tension.  The most important health outcome is to prevent the onset of serious pain and injury.  The longer people push through the pain barrier, or the longer we persist with chronic pain, the more out of balance our body can become.  And this is the problem when our body becomes stressed or unbalanced.  Did you know that the best chiropractic health care can help to overcome the discomfort from muscle tension?  Muscle tension causes a wide range of ongoing physical issues with skeletal alignment, joint soreness and joint stiffness.  What may seem a simple case of sore neck muscles from sitting at a desk all day long can actually manifest into a whole range of physical body symptoms.  These other symptoms may not may not even be apparent to the sufferer.

Peter McIntyre & Brandon Ngo – your Chiropractor Brisbane complete health care solution

Our aim in providing chiropractic services is to re-align your body, remove the muscular stress, and restore your body and balance.  With a release of nervous tension, you may find the relaxation of muscular tension.  This is so important to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle.  We can help you to overcome previous injury and recover from surgery.  Or we can prevent the onset of injury from trying to push through the pain barrier.  We can help you to enhance mobility, so that you can enjoy the benefits of physical activity in a pleasant and pain free experience.

Chiropractic Services offered

Peter McIntyre and Brandon Ngo offer services to provide relief from debilitating issues.  We help our clients with a range of physical ailments such as:

  • Sufferers of Headaches and migraines
  • Neck pain, tightness and sore muscles
  • Upper back pain, tight shoulders, poor posture and slumping
  • Lower back pain, soreness and tightness
  • Recovery from back injury
  • Alleviation of leg pain, hip pain and pain in the pelvic region
  • Recovery from sporting injuries or surgery

Who are we?

Peter McIntyre brings 20 years of experience to your chiropractic treatment. Peter is widely sought after for healing deep tissue massage, is an active triathlete and a skilled practitioner.

Brandon Ngo strongly believes in finding and treating the underlying cause of a patient’s complaint- not just treating the symptoms.  Brandon has considerable skills and experience in his chosen field and nurtures his clients accordingly.

When Should I Go To a Chiropractor?

Many people seek out chiropractic adjustment for back pain, neck pain, headache and migraine.  Others value the chiropractic philosophy to address ailments such as asthma, high blood pressure and even nervous disorders. Chiropractic is essentially a form of alternative medicine which does not rely on drugs or surgical intervention.  Rather, it focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of structural disorders of the musculoskeletal system of the body – particularly stemming from the spine. The belief is that general health is influenced by the nervous system, so having that aligned and centred serves to enable good health for the whole being.’

Those who wish to avoid medical intervention and adopt natural and holistic approaches to health an well being will often be the first to seek out chiropractic care. The profession is also long established in Australia and well regarded, with regulating bodies such as Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia – of which both Peter and Brandon are Members – supporting practitioners.

Chiropractor vs Osteopath

Osteopathy is also a hands on type of alternative approach to healthcare that recognises the important link between the structures of the body and the way it can operate optimally. Osteopathy emphasises the physical manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones, and so has a relevance to and synergy with chiropractic. By Peter’s admission, his treatment is probably more osteopathic than chiropractic, so clients benefit from a true alternative and holistic approach to their wellness treatment.

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Why Choose our Chiropractor Brisbane practitioners?

Many people know only to seek assistance from mainstream medical doctors to get treatment for their physical and emotional issues. It may surprise some to know that a lot of people, a good many sports injury patients, are seeing the benefits of visiting a chiropractor as an alternative. Chiropractors diagnose based on patient’s personal history and they utilise x-rays, laboratory tests and other relevant approaches to gather the full scope of any condition. Patients will be referred to other health care practitioners if it is warranted. However, in a significant number of cases the everyday issues of back pain, neck pain, hip pain, foot pain as well as sports injury, migraine and headaches and conditions such a fibryomialgia can be significantly improved and usually cured with skillful chiropractic treatment.

Your Chiropractor Brisbane – Peter McIntyre and Brandon Ngo

Peter McIntyre is a long-time resident of Brisbane and a well-known, respected and sought after chiropractor.  Recently teaming up with experienced and skilled Master of Chiropractic, Brandon Ngo, the duo offer services to meet everyone’s needs.  Peter and Brandon see clients at the well located and easily accessed Taringa Chiropractic Centre at 200 Moggill Road.  Centrally located to Brisbane, Toowong, Indooroopilly, Taringa and St Lucia, the clinic is just a short, convenient trip.  Peter and Brandon’s long-time clientele from further west in Brisbane, around Kenmore, Chapel Hill, Brookfield and Pullenvale are happy to now travel the little extra distance to the new location at Toowong!  Many other clients continue to travel from even further afield for their specialised services in sports chiropractic.

Chiropractic services for all needs

As a triathlete himself, Peter understands better than most the extremes the body is stretched to during these intensive sessions, and knows first-hand the type of treatment to recommend for both serious and recreational athletes.  Brandon’s admirable ambition was to become a Chiropractor because he wanted to help his parents out with their aches and pain due to hard work all their life.  As a father to a young child, also, Brandon has a caring nature to nurture people of all ages and all walks of life with his skills.

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