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Movement is an essential of life. You could even say that movement is the essence of life. For athletes, proper painless movement is extremely important to their performance. As a keen triathlete himself, accomplished chiropractor, Peter McIntyre has applied himself to helping athletes of all kinds achieve their full potential.  Through his Brisbane chiropractic practice,  Peter ensures that athletes, young and more mature-aged, are performing optimally whenever they step onto the field. Whether you are professional player, a sports hobbyist or a fitness enthusiast, your sports chiropractor Brisbane service should be an essential part of your life.

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The importance of a Sports Chiropractor Brisbane athletes

Many athletes never know the importance of a chiropractor until they are injured and sent to one. But before you even get that injury, a chiropractor can actually help you avoid it. Injury prevention is one of the biggest benefits of seeking out sports chiropractic care.

You must understand the many different strains you put your body through when playing a certain sport. Whether you are running, lifting, cycling, throwing or kicking, you are putting your body through an incredible amount of stress. Your muscles, joints and tendons are being stretched, pounded and bent continuously.

With all this happening, it is easy to see how quickly an injury can set in. The risks of an injury are even higher if your body is not in top shape. A professional chiropractor will prepare your body to deal with those stresses without encountering serious injury. He does this by recommending specific exercises, correcting bad movements and diagnosing muscle and joint problems early on, before they become serious.

In the unfortunate event that you do get an injury, the work of a chiropractor does not end at injury prevention. Peter McIntyre also specialises in sports injury care and treatment. Whether the injury is to your ankle, joints, muscles or back, he will work with you towards a successful return to full health and movement.

Chiropractic treatment for sports injuries vary a lot depending on a number of factors including severity of the injury, type of injury and the location of the injury. Tests may also be carried out to determine which method of therapy will achieve the best results for you.

Realising your Athletic Potential

Sports Chiropractor BrisbaneIf you want to perform at your peak, your sports chiropractor Brisbane service is not a luxury but a necessity. Even if you have no injury, there are so many benefits you can still enjoy. A chiropractor will check everything from your balance to bone strength to joint performance. This creates a picture of how optimal your movement are. Most importantly, it guides the chiropractor in recommending solutions to improving your speed, strength, agility and overall performance.

Being a good athlete is all in how you move. It also means keeping your whole body in good shape. You can better achieve this with quality chiropractic care.

Peter McIntyre has extensive experience and knowledge in sports chiropractic. And just as importantly as this, he steadfastly commits to a code of conduct that includes respect for the patient, open and clear communication and the highest quality of care for each and every individual who passes through his doors.

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